You're The Flame Ministries
Founded by Martial Ipema - 2017

'His servants are like flames of fire' Hebrews 1:7

About Martial

Martial Ipema was born the 17th of October in 1996. He grew up in a christian family together with one sister and two brothers. He never doubted a moment about the existence of God. As a christian family they always went to church. On a certain moment Martial went to a fasting conference, where he saw people getting healed through his own hands. This was a turning point in his life. From there he didn't just share about Jesus, but also realised that people need an encounter with God. Something many unbelievers have never experienced before. Martial really has a heart for people and a vision for nations. Despite his young age he visited several countries like England, Schotland,  Belgium,  Lithuania, The United States, Ivory Coast, Greece and Albania. He started travelling at the age of 15.