As You're The Flame Ministries we meet 3 times a month at a fixed location in Harderwijk and 1 time a month we have a Get Together. Do you want more information about this? Then take a look at our calendar under events.

We start with a walk-in and introduction while enjoying coffee and tea.
The following core elements can always be found during our meetings:

- Worship

- Interaction

- The Word of God with activation

You are very welcome to visit us!

Our main mission is to teach people how to make an impact on a daily basis. Through testimonials, activation and a simple practical word you will see that your life is going to change!

This is also a place where we want to give others space to grow and develop in the gifts and talents that God has given to each and every one. On these evenings we come to God, the source of life, to receive everything we need. This so that we can share again. (Psalm 36:9-10)

Address: De Kiekmure, Tesselschadelaan 1, Harderwijk 3842 GA

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