Our mission is to let the world know that there is a living God and to teach believers to make an impact in their daily lives.

You're The Flame Ministries has been operating for 3.5 years now. Our desire is for the world to know that there is a living God. We want nothing more than that the world will experience this, because the believers learn to have an impact. Our three mission statements come from Acts 1:8:  "For when the Holy Spirit comes upon you, you shall receive power to be my witness in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth."

Receive the Flame

We believe it is extremely important to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Without the Spirit of God we are powerless and ineffective, but with God's Spirit we are full of power and able to accomplish our mission on this earth. Only when you are filled with God's spirit can you really do what he asks of you. The Holy Ghost is a much discussed topic during our services and speaking engagements. It is important to us that you always have the opportunity to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Be the Flame

It is very clear in Acts that we will be a witness. This means not only witnessing with our mouth, but rather being a witness in our actions. When you are a witness, you are different from the world. Your language, behavior and way of thinking is different. The moment you are a witness, this is infectious for your environment. This will lead to questions and opportunities to testify. During our services and speaking engagements, great emphasis is placed on how we as believers should be and how we should live. If you are a witness, witnessing happens naturally!

Spread the Flame

The goal of every believer is to spread the good news. The good news is that Jesus died for our sins, but rose again from the dead so that we can receive the gift of salvation & eternal life. When you are filled with God's spirit and are a witness, sharing the good news is an automatic result. Within You're The Flame we provide many practical tools on how to share the gospel with people. Ultimately, we want every person, tribe, nation, and continent to know that Jesus lives. In our services and speaking engagements you will always be stimulated and activated not to keep the good news to yourself. This message is good news for everyone.

The will of God is central to all our activities. When we do what God asks of us, he will do what he promises. We also believe that where God's Spirit moves, lives change and that many will find and recognize God as father & Jesus as savior.

On this website we will keep you informed about all our services, events, speaking engagements and travels that take place under our ministry.

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