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Wander & Martial Ipema
About Martial & Wander Ipema

The two brothers grew up in Ermelo and were raised in a christian family. While they both went to church all their lives, two moments defined their dedicated life to God.

Wander came to experience the delivering power of God himself. From there he has been reading and studying the Word intensely. It is his desire in every service that God himself touches his people. You can describe his ministry style as bold, simple and full of joy.

Martial's life also changed by an encounter. He went to a conference where he could pray for someone for the first time. After praying this person got completely healed. From there desired for other people to experience this God who heals and is the one who specializes in things Impossible. When ministering he does what God tells him to do. This is why he sees changed lives every place he goes!

Together they have travelled to many nations such as: Engeland, Scotland, Belgium, Lithuania, America, Ivory Coast, Greece, Albania and Switserland.

We are open to receive ministry requests in every part of the world. Just send us an email via info@youretheflameministries.org 

After prayerfully considering your invitation we will get back to you.
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